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Teaching Presence in Online Learning

Teaching Presence in Online Learning

“Online learning is not the next big thing, it’s the new big thing”, truly said by Donna. J. Smith. In today’s era of competition and technology, children have to manage everything from their studies to hobbies and from competitions to parties. They have to plan everything according to time and priorities. Digital world has provided them the power to manage time and their efforts well. A child today relies on online content, mostly in the case of studies and notes. Most children also take Online classes as well. In such a scenario, it becomes very important for educators to have a vast online presence.

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Gone is the age when education was the only priority of children. Today, children study, as well as participate in various games and activities, go out of schools for competitions and what not. In such cases, a child has to take out proper time for managing his studies. Online content gives him the time to study wherever and whenever he wants. If he has a doubt on a topic, rather than calling a friend or tutor, he would prefer checking the material online. Here, the presence of an educator online is important.

A child today does not have enough energy to travel a long distance, as he has already been doing a lot throughout the day. Although tuitions are present everywhere, quality of education also remains a point to consider. For better knowledge and understanding, parents send their children to tuitions and coaching classes. If good educators will be available online, the child won’t have to travel and he will be able to take online classes and save his efforts and energy. Not all children have their homes near well developed areas. Some have to rely on public vehicles to commute from home to class and back. This involves a lot of time and efforts, which could have been utilized in a better way.

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As mentioned above, not all children have their houses in a well-developed area and have to travel a lot to study. Accessibility comes into play here. The revolution created by Reliance Jio or Vodafone 4G, or Airtel 4G, or any other internet service provider has benefitted us in many ways and one such is unlimited internet. We can use it whichever way want to. We have all spread our reach on various platforms, from YouTube to Twitter, from Goodreads to WordPress and so on. We have utilized the internet, in the best possible way for ourselves. Talking about education, YouTube is full of topic wise videos and other websites also have plethora of educational content. All this is possible because internet has made it easy for every kind of information to be easily accessible to us. This accessibility can be used by the children in a better way by enrolling to online education, only if educators have great presence.

The cost of sending a child to renowned coaching institutes sometimes becomes a burden for parents. It does not only involve the fees, but also the commuting amount as well. A parent has to think before spending a hefty amount on their child’s education. On the other hand, if a child is getting online tutors, it is better for him, as well as his parents. It saves the extra money spent by parents and becomes economical. The parents can think of utilizing the money in a better way now. Moreover, they can invest the money on honing the child’s skills and hobbies. The child gets enough time to play, to dance, to go for singing classes or pursue any other interest. For a fact, education can be done at home, but hobbies need Practical experience.

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  1. Unlike face-to-face teaching that depends on physical presence and teacher immediacy, teaching presence in online education depends on course design and organization, facilitation of online discourse, and well-focused direct instruction.

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