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It’s March! And the examination season is on the go. The Class 10 and Class 12 students are all geared up for the most important examinations of their lives. During the examination season it’s very important to focus and be positive, but there are certain things which need to be taken care about. Everyone asks the students to study, have proper food, take proper rest and so on. But these are secondary things which a student should be doing. Two things are really very important for Scoring good in Boards.


The ABCD of life stands for Action, Birth, Choice and Death. It’s the C and D which matter and give a direction to life. Choices made by us help us go in a particular direction. Our choices lead to planning, not just planning, it has to be proper planning. Planning is important in studies. It’s very important to do SWOT analysis before making a plan for studies. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. When a student knows the subjects, he is confident in, he needs to focus on the subjects which are not his comfortable zones yet. He just has to revise the ones he is comfortable with before going for the exam.




Weaknesses include the subjects in which he did not score well during the session. Most of the students score-less marks in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies till class 10 and these are the subjects students need to focus more on. On the other hand, the choices and interests vary student to student. In every stream in the senior secondary, the child has to balance his studies. For some, Mathematics is strength and weakness for others. Some like History and Economics and some find it difficult coping with them. A student thus needs to see what he is not good at, so as to score well in the examinations. Moreover, it’s not only about scoring good marks, it’s about scoring so as to pursue a career of own choice. Else, some students have to either reappear or choose a stream not of their interest.


When one has known the weaknesses i.e. the subjects or areas he is weak at, it now becomes an opportunity to improve the past mistakes and cover them up in the boards. The student should now realize that it’s a chance for him to study, to work hard and score well. It’s his chance to save a year from getting spoiled. He has to manage everything well and set priorities. Priorities define us, and this is what a student should remember.



At the end of SWOT comes Threats. Threat here doesn’t mean any severe danger. It’s the fear within the student and the time consumers around which need to be removed while preparing for the exams. The student should remove distractions like, television, internet, phones, etc. etc. As we know, one can travel only in one direction at a time, so it’s important for students to focus only in one direction and study.


Apart from SWOT, managing time is very crucial. It’s not about the number of hours one spends on studying, what matters is the quality time spent on studying. After managing and planning the subjects, time plays the game. The child needs to arrange a time table, wherein he mentions all the subjects and the time he needs to spend on it. Only a planned and well in time study can help in scoring well. The coaching institutes and the education gained in tuitions doesn’t help until the student himself doesn’t take time for himself.




At the end, it’s a well-maintained plan and time management which leads to good marks. The student should avoid time wasters during exams. He should avoid getting indulged in any activity which eats up most of his time. Taking rest and going out to play is helpful in reducing exam stress too. The child apart from his studies, should give time to his hobbies, or go out to play, hangout for some time with his friends only to get refreshed and reduce the stress. The student should be positive and confident about his own preparations.




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