Education: Is it worth today?

No matter wherever you go, you can’t find an honest student who enjoys studying. For a student education means to learn something old which is not useful for this present world. And that is partially correct. Our Indian education is so much on theory instead of practical.


The great boxer Muhammad Ali cannot become who he is now if he is just studying what boxing is. We cannot change the entire educational system, but you can change yourself, right?


Let me tell you again, “The greatest enemy of you is YOU”. Yes, you hold back the potential of becoming someone great. You always take the example of great school dropouts like Steve Jobs, Einstein, Bill Gates, etc.… But why don’t you take the same example of them who worked harder in their fields?


If you think that the school or college doesn’t help you what you want to become then go on and become a high school dropout, but are you sure you have skills to become successful? If yes, then you might also know how to be successful. If not, then just continue your study.


Maybe Indian education won’t teach you whole thing practically, but it will teach you how to do things practically. But if you think that marks and grades are all that you needed to be successful then let me tell you, A SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER CANNOT DECIDE WHAT YOU ARE.


Study only what you want to become whether it is to settle on a good job or to become an entrepreneur.


Do you think you are still in the hands of Britishers? Are you still following their orders? No right? Then why are you still following what is in the textbook and putting it on paper? You have your own ability to think and do things. That’s the generation we are in. People learn mostly by themselves. So, leave the concept of rote learning and follow smart learning.


But if you are confused about what you what to become then just follow these:

  1. Bring out your skill: That means to explore the talent hidden in you. Who knows, you might be a good dancer, singer, painter, businessman, scientist, and god you might even have the talent to become the president. No one guessed that A. P. J. Abdul Kalam will be the Prime Minister of India when he is distributing newspapers in his childhood. So, dig out those talents hidden in you. Sit in a quiet room and start exploring your skills. It always takes time. So, no need to hurry. GREAT THINGS TAKES TIME. So, stay positive.
  2. Sharp those Skills: Once you know what you can do then sharp the skill. Remember, diamonds are found in the soil first. And then they will be replenished to their beautiful state. So, stay focused on only what you want to become but don’t be obsessed. That’s why go and explore your other interests. You might like going to parties or fishing or ski jumping and many more. So just take your time and do things.
  3. Don’t let any Social Influence on you: Maybe your parents or grandparents or friends or teachers might not like whom you wanted to become. Tell them to go to hell and stop throwing their goals and ideas on you. It is not your mistake that you can’t become what they wanted to be. Explain to them the current generation and gain their approval.
  4. Go for a career aptitude test: Several options are available in the fields you choose. Take the aptitude test and choose your best one.
  5. Now start building the career: Once you know the job you can do, go for it. Put aside all the entertainment for a while and plan how you can be successful in that position. Because today’s planning will be your success steps tomorrow.
  6. Take the internship: Check your potential by taking an internship. Know your loopholes and defects and start strengthening those. There are hundreds of internships available in today’s world. Just take some of them and know your extent and potential.
  7. Qualifications: You might need more qualifications for your job. Figure out what are they and continue the studies if necessary. All this is to see the best version of yourself.
  8. Finally, select a good company and apply for the job: The key factor in your career is to find a suitable workplace. Select a company that reflects your ideas. There is no better place than a company which helps you to grow in your career and life.

So finally, become what you dream. Don’t let anything block your path. And always chase the path you decide. Today’s hard work will be a bright future.




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