The Concept of E-Learning

In today’s world, where everything is technology, E-Learning is not a new concept. It has become a part of a student’s daily life. Even watching YouTube is a part of E-Learning. So, let us go some deep in to this E-learning concept.


What is E-Learning:
To put it in a defined manner, “E-learning is learning to use electronic technology to access the curriculum outside the traditional classroom”. In most instances, it relates to a completely online course, program, degree. To put it simply, E-Learning is a type of delivering the course online to somewhere other than the professor is teaching. It is not like it is delivered through CDs or DVDs or TV. It was made interactive so that students can connect with teachers or professors or even with other students. Sometimes, it is live that means students can raise questions while the session is going on and sometimes it is prerecorded. Not only learning, but the professors will also even give you assignments, grades and tests just like you are learning in a classroom. So, in today’s world E-Learning has been proven as the most effective learning and teaching method of education. It became a way of life for many citizens in North Carolina.


Methods of E-Learning:
E-learning is achieved through CMS(Classroom Management Systems) such as Moodle, Vista, Blackboard or Angle. These are all websites where students can log in using their login credentials and start learning from their homes and interacts with each other. Each of these institutions follows different curriculum or system but ultimately, they all provide class syllabus, assignments, tests, puzzles and also a whiteboard screen where the live teaching will be going on and students can interact with instructors and ask their doubts. All the course details, timings, syllabus details will be mentioned on the website. Don’t skip any classes. Follow them according to time.


How to prepare for E-learning:
Be prepared before the start of the semester. Apply for a good institution and get accepted. Most of the websites follow the same curriculum as actual institutions and the payment will be online. Once you selected your course, the details will be present on the left side of the menu. Make sure to check all the details regarding the course timings, tests, assignments, schedule, etc. Follow the tests and assignments the provide to get most of the E-Learning. Always keep in contact with the professors and ask your doubts. Just because this is online learning never take it lightly. A to-do attitude must be present to become a successful E-Learner.


Benefits of E-Learning:
If you follow your course correctly, then the benefits are numerous. You don’t have to wake up early and travel to an actual class. No transportation fees, you can study in the place of travel. No need to be tired of anything and mainly you can access the class anywhere with just the internet. Not only that, the class can be repeated if you didn’t get the first time. The benefits are numerous compared to the actual classroom.





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